May I still have my eye exam performed at Chatto & Yee Optometrists, PC & have my insurance cover the exam fee?

Being an “out of network” provider allows us to provide our patients with the best possible eye care service fees You may take advantage of our quality, comprehensive eye exams at a great price and directly submit a claim to your insurance provider.

Most vision plans provide “out of network” coverage and will reimburse you directly.  Prior to your appointment, simply confirm your “out of network” benefits by contacting your insurance provider to verify your vision insurance coverage.

At the completion of your eye appointment, you will receive a receipt which provides the coding and necessary information to submit your insurance claim.  Typically, most insurance providers simply require submission of a copy of the receipt from your examination.  If additional paperwork exists, we will gladly assist by providing the requested information required for the reimbursement process.  Oftentimes, your out of pocket expense with us, an out of network provider, may be similar or less than your co-pay and applied deductible under in-network providers.