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…that over 70% of our immune system resides in our gut & that science-based evidence continues to affirm the health benefits of a plant-based diet? Wondering how this all relates to eye health? Continue reading!

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Eye Health & Nutrition the relationship is real


The Eyes are the Window to your Soul

This phrase goes well beyond poetic flair – for more often than not, eye health accurately reflects the state of systemic health & vice versa. When an eye disease is detected, the discovery of systemic disease often follows. The root cause of most chronic disease is inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s protective response to combat infection, injury, an auto immune disorder or long term exposure to irritants.

Regularly ingesting food ingredients that cause inflammation leads to irritation by triggering the body’s inflammatory process. Remaining in a chronic state of inflammation stresses & weakens the immune system & ultimately increases one’s susceptibility to sickness & disease.

It’s time to connect the dots – food is medicine & health is wealth!

Let’s be proactive by making great vision & wellness a priority for a lifetime –
this isn’t optional, it’s a must!


It appears that Mom was correct to remind us to eat our fruit & veggies

Many are choosing to follow the path to optimal health & wellness by way of a simple but powerful adjustment to their daily choices of nourishment.

Unquestionably, a one-size-fits-all approach rarely ever works. Nonetheless, EVERYONE desires good health & the significant benefits of plant-based nutrition should not be ignored.

Now may be a great time to make modifications to your diet & lifestyle – hack your diet, hack for better health!


Let food be thy medicine and  


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